GRN Studio Design

Urbanism. Architecture. Design.

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GRN is an Architecture and Urbanism Office proposing functional solutions applied to specific regional context and ensuring optimized geometry for interior and exterior spaces

Our building design and our work style reflect balance, rigor and creativity. Each project tests our performance and requires/calls for new approaches/perpectives. Our goal is to adapt the requirements of the beneficiary to a contemporary and remarkable/striking/outstanding perspective of construction, applied through ingenious solutions, whether it is a residential, commercial or an urban project.

    • + 300,000 sqm built

    • + 30 buildings with over 6 levels

    • + 25 urban projects

    • + 20 arranged commercial spaces

Established in 2006, GRN brings together the experience and unique ideas of its the 5 founders: Marius Găbureanu, Adriana Rusu, Ștefan Rusu, Ruxandra Nedelcu, Robert Nedelcu.

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